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Join forces with the industry’s most disruptive startup, spearheading the new realm of AI. Unlock endless business opportunities as Resellers, Referral Partners, Training Partners, and providers of White-labeled Custom Solutions.

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Benefits of Being a Partner

  • Exclusive Access to Cutting-edge AI Technology
  • Revenue Sharing Opportunities
  • Training and Certification Programs
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Flexible Partnership Models
  • Unique Showcase of Your Services To Targeted Audience

Certified Training Partners

Lohfeld Consulting provides end-to-end capture and proposal services that increase companies’ win rates. Procurement Sciences teamed with Lohfeld Consulting to facilitate and expedite our customers’ integration of AI into their captures and proposals. Lohfeld Consulting helps our customers by providing:

  • Generative AI Training: Students learn to use AI models and engineer prompts, maintain private data libraries, support captures, and respond to government RFPs.

  • GenAI Proposal Development Center (PDC) Access: Companies acquire a secure environment to develop proposals using Generative AI with support from capture and proposal professionals.

  • Customized Knowledge Assistants: Users query Bidding Intelligence to learn more about Lohfeld Consulting’s best practices, including its Strength-Based Winning® methods. 

OST Global Solutions, excels in business development, capture, and proposal consulting, particularly for Federal Government Contractors. They blend deep industry expertise with a strong focus on effective content engagement, detailed analysis, and ongoing professional development. Their key offerings for our partnership include:

  • Training and Certification: Comprehensive programs in government contracting processes, with a focus on delivering practical and up-to-date skills.

  • Custom AI Solutions and Assistants: Tailored AI tools and support designed to enhance proposal development and project management, ensuring high-quality, efficient outcomes.

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