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Partnering with only the most respected leaders in the industry

The PSci Reseller Program is a strategic initiative designed by PSci to collaborate with external businesses or individuals (partners or resellers) and jointly promote, sell, and distribute PSci’s innovative products and services. The primary objective of this program is to expand the market presence and reach of PSci by leveraging the expertise, customer base, and sales channels of its valued partners. By becoming part of the PSci Partner/Reseller Program, partners can diversify their offerings and revenue streams while capitalizing on PSci’s groundbreaking solutions. This collaborative approach fosters mutual growth and success, driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to our shared customers.

At PSci, we’re eager to collaborate with potential integrators who seek to enhance their offerings with our cutting-edge AI solutions. By integrating PSci’s transformative technology, you can provide your clients in the government contracting sector with unmatched efficiency and accuracy in capture, business development, and proposal processes. Partnering with us means offering industry-leading AI capabilities that empower clients to make data-driven decisions, gain a competitive edge, and achieve exceptional results. Join us in shaping the future of government contracting through the seamless integration of PSci’s advanced AI solutions.

Partner Assist for Resellers

Our partners capabilities coupled with the PSci Platform

Our Partners have the ability to create their own Assist Package which sits as an offering on top of the psci Platform.

This package would include things like professional training from our partners, process consultation, AI Generators, branding and any implementation or customization.

Custom Prompts would also be a key component of these offerings. These prompts are personalized inputs that direct the AI to generate specific content tailored to your needs.

Lohfeld Consulting, Gold Tier Reseller/Trainer

Specializes in capture and proposal support across multiple industries

When it comes to the art of pursuing and winning government programs, there’s theory—and then there’s reality. The reality is that companies never have enough time, people, or money to do everything they theoretically should be doing to win programs.

That’s where Lohfeld comes in.

Our handpicked business acquisition, capture, and proposal consultants have lived their 20+-year careers with these constraints and know how  to achieve cost-effective, winning results.

See why Lohfeld is practically different™.

Choose from our full line of capture, proposal, and orals services, and related training. We’ll tailor them to fit your needs—from the smallest to the largest government contractors.

Becoming a Valued Reseller

Unlock New Revenue Streams with PSci: Empower Your Business as a SaaS Reseller!

Benefits of being a PSci reseller:

  1. Diversified product portfolio without product development costs.
  2. Recurring revenue from subscription-based models.
  3. Access to established markets and customer base.
  4. Marketing and sales support from SaaS companies.
  5. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities for additional revenue.
  6. Technical support and regular product updates.
  7. Flexible business model with customizable pricing.
  8. Scalability and growth potential without heavy investments.
  9. Access to industry expertise and trends.
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